Choosing a Commercial Laundry Equipment Provider

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Choosing a Commercial Laundry Equipment Provider

There are lots of choices when it comes to selecting who to use as your supplier of commercial laundry equipment. It’s easy to focus on equipment features and price when making that decision, but you should also take into account the quality of service provided after purchasing the laundry equipment.

Questions you should ask when selecting a laundry equipment distributor:

  • Does the company offer field service technicians to repair and maintain machines?
  • Does the company purchase parts directly from the factory so you know you are receiving parts made specifically for your machines?
  • What is the normal response time to service calls?
  • Does the company stand behind its work? What are their policies when the initial attempt to repair a machine is unsuccessful?

commercial laundry equipment serviceH-M Company understands the importance of your laundry equipment to your organization. Keeping your equipment operating and minimizing downtime is crucial to your organization’s ability to provide a high level of service and minimize costs associated with having unavailable laundry equipment.

This is why H-M Company invests so much in our Service Department. Here are key items that H-M Company offers to provide prompt and reliable service:

  • H-M Company offers the largest number of highly trained service technicians in the region. With technicians based in Greater Cincinnati and Greater Columbus, we are never too far away.
  • H-M Company technicians have been trained to work on many brands of commercial laundry equipment. Factory training is provided by our suppliers (ADC, Chicago Dryer, Huebsch and Milnor). As part of the onboarding process, new technicians work under the supervision of veteran technicians to receive intensive “hands-on” training.
  • H-M Company technicians travel in company-owned vans that are stocked with a wide range of parts. Our goal is to fix your machines on our first visit. When we are unable to complete the repair on the first visit because a part is unavailable, we normally do not charge a trip fee when returning to install the part(s).
  • H-M Company carries a deep inventory of parts in its Cincinnati warehouse and new Columbus warehouse (opened in February 2022). The inventory on the company-owned vans is frequently replenished. For customers who perform their own repairs, we are able to provide prompt shipment of parts.
  • H-M Company technicians are experienced at servicing numerous brands including:
    • ADC
    • Chicago Dryer
    • Cissell
    • Continental
    • Dexter
    • Huebsch
    • Ipso
    • Maytag
    • Milnor
    • Speed Queen
    • Unimac
    • Whirlpool
    • Wascomat
  • H-M Company utilizes sophisticated technology to track service calls. Technicians receive service requests on tablets. They have access to prior calls which helps diagnose issues and improve the problem-solving process to repair your commercial washers, dryers and flatwork finishing equipment. When a service call is completed, the information is entered on the tablet. The details of the service call are electronically transmitted at the completion of the visit. This enables us to immediately order any parts that may be required or contact the factory for technical assistance when needed. The accuracy and speed of an electronic service management system enables H-M Company to provide superior service to its customers.
  • H-M Company knows your time and money are valuable. When contacting us with a service issue, it’s not unusual for us to recommend checking your equipment for an easy-to-fix item before sending a service technician. As an example, it’s common that we receive a call that a dryer is not heating properly and has an “AF” error code. Often, the remedy is as simple as cleaning the lint filters. When we can, we will suggest trying an easy fix to get you back in business right away without the expense of having a technician visit. Sometimes, we hear that all washers or dryers are not working. When all equipment goes down, this is a “red flag” there is an underlying facilities issue creating a problem. Recently, a customer contacted us that none of the washers were filling. They wanted a technician to visit immediately (this was on a Saturday). We suggest that they have the maintenance staff check the water supply. It turns out that the water had been shut off to address a plumbing issue and hadn’t been turned back on. The maintenance staff turned the water back on, the washers were working again, all without the expense of a Saturday service call.

H-M Company is committed to developing long-term relationships with its customers. We strive to provide a high level of service. Maintaining the successful operations of your laundry room is our top priority. Importantly, we treat customers the way we would want to be treated. Are you seeking a supplier for your laundry equipment that is committed to your success? Please call the Service Department at H-M Company and allow us to answer your questions and begin supporting your organization? Please call 800-365-1900 or email