Choosing a Milnor Washer or Milnor Dryer

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Choosing a Milnor Washer or Milnor Dryer

Three Milnor Dryers | Commercial laundry equipmentH-M Company has been a distributor of Milnor Laundry Equipment for more than 50 years. Milnor products are recognized for providing customers with great value due to their durability, reliability and features that improve the efficiency of laundry operations-large or small. Milnor machines are designed with innovative features such as MilTouch™ control, RinSave® water saver, and PulseFlow® technology that deliver high quality results while reducing water and energy consumption. Milnor CBW® tunnel batch systems are custom-made to address the specific needs of each customer. They deliver superior cleaning, productivity and reduction in utility costs that provide a lower cost of ownership for high production laundry operations.

In addition to making high-quality equipment, Milnor has demonstrated they are a trusted partner that values long-term relationships. Milnor has a collaborative culture that is focused on improving customer performance. Numerous times, Milnor has listened to customer feedback and used the input to improve the design of their machines. They have gone out of their way to meet critical deadlines. They are committed to supporting the success of our customers.

Interested in learning more about our commercial laundry equipment? Contact us today. We will work closely with you to determine the Milnor machines that will be of the greatest benefit to your operation.


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