Finance Options

Finance Options

At H-M Company, we make it easy for you to manage your cash flow while providing you with the highest quality commercial laundry solutions. If needed, we offer leasing and financing programs designed to ease the investment associated with new equipment.

Whether you are purchasing a single piece of equipment, expanding your operation or building a new commercial laundry facility, we’ll create a customized financing option that helps keep you operating efficiently and within budget.

Flexible, Friendly Leasing Options

Leasing provides an easier way to acquire the commercial laundry equipment you need without investing as much up front. The benefits of our all-inclusive leasing program include:

Fixed Payments
We offer fixed monthly payments, which include the cost of the equipment as well as all parts, labor and applicable sales tax for service on the equipment for the life of the lease. Set payments allow you to plan your monthly budget with accuracy and peace of mind.

Option to Buy
You can purchase the equipment at the end of the lease at a preset price. That way you can keep the commercial laundry equipment you’ve grown to love without having to find or install a replacement.

Flexible Terms
Our typical leasing program terms range from 12 to 72 months, giving you added flexibility when doing long-term budget planning.

Competitive Rates for Equipment Financing

Need help financing your new commercial laundry equipment? We offer competitive interest rates to all qualified customers. We can also arrange financing through our manufacturers and third-party finance companies.

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