First-Class Guest Laundry Without A Large Capital Expenditure

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First-Class Guest Laundry Without A Large Capital Expenditure

Are you interested in offering onsite guest laundry or upgrading your current laundry equipment without a large capital investment? Are you interested in providing a guest laundry facility that:

  • Has high quality new commercial laundry equipment your guests will appreciate
  • Accepts credit/debit card payment so you and your guest don’t have to worry about coins
  • That requires no capital outlay
  • No expenses related to maintenance and repairs

Since 1957, H-M Company has furnished vended laundry equipment to laundromats and hospitality properties that offer guest laundries. We continue to offer conventional vended equipment that accepts coin payment. Now, we also offer commercial laundry machines that accept credit/debit card payment or app payment (ideal for long-term guests who appreciate the convenience of using their smartphones).

All of this is done with no capital outlay required by you. You provide the space and utilities, H-M Company provides new state-of-the-art machines and shares the revenue generated with you.

If you operate a hotel, campground, truck stop, or other facilities where guests appreciate the convenience of onsite laundry, you should contact H-M Company. We will show you high-quality equipment that will best meet the needs of your guests and conform with the space of your facility.

The machines we furnish for onsite guest laundries are the same as we provide to laundromat customers. Be it single unit washers and dryers or stack machines, H-M Company has the reliable equipment that will make your customers happy without adding to the demands on your staff.

How Our Guest Laundry Services Work

It’s simple. You provide the space and utilities to operate the equipment. H-M Company installs new equipment including communication gear that enables guests to pay for use of the laundry machines with credit/debit cards. This eliminates the need to have quarters on hand and have guests standing in line at the front desk waiting for your staff to provide change. It also eliminates the security concerns and lack of accountability associated with using coins.

All transactions are electronically documented giving you complete visibility, so you know the payment you receive for use of your property is tied to the actual revenue generated by your guest laundry.

When you work with H-M Company, you have a partner dedicated to your success. H-M Company responds promptly when machines need repair. We have a group of highly trained technicians with extensive experience in servicing commercial laundry equipment. Our technicians carry a broad range of parts in their company vans. Our goal is to complete the repair on the first visit. Know that we use genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that are backed up with a factory warranty.

A key factor in the success of a hospitality property is providing guests with high-quality amenities that improve their experience. A modern clean guest laundry is important to guests who are on extended trips especially those who are highly active during the day (examples include construction workers or tourists who are taking full advantage of amusement parks and other outdoor activities.)

Let H-M Company provide a first-class guest laundry that will make your customers happy and enhance the profitability of your property.