Essential Guide: Choosing Laundry Equipment for Healthcare Facilities

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Essential Guide: Choosing Laundry Equipment for Healthcare Facilities

H-M Company has  specialized in providing top-tier laundry equipment for healthcare facilities, on-premise laundries in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, as well as retirement and senior communities. With our depth of experience, we help create laundry operations that provide levels of cleanliness you require. The Milnor washers we furnish are engineered to reduce your labor costs, save on linen replacement costs, save energy, save water, and lower your total cost of ownership.

Nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and other long-term healthcare facilities face the ongoing challenge of maintaining clean and hygienic environments. Proper laundry care is a critical aspect of this responsibility, as it ensures cleanliness and safety for residents, patients, and staff. In addition, the laundry needs of nursing homes and long-term care healthcare facilities are significant. They wash and dry a variety of linens daily, including sheets, towels, gowns, scrubs, napkins and tablecloths.

Our laundry experts understand the wide range of requirements and challenges facing healthcare laundry operations. With soaring utility costs, you need water- and energy-efficient solutions to help preserve your bottom line. Importantly, the laundry equipment you choose should minimize processing time enabling your staff to maximize the productivity of the laundry. From programmable controls and custom settings to industrial Custom Batch Washers, our healthcare laundry solutions can handle it all while delivering consistent, efficient clean laundry for the people you service.

Assess Your Unique Laundry Requirements

It’s crucial to evaluate the laundry requirements of your nursing home or long-term healthcare facility. Consider factors such as the number of residents, average daily laundry loads, types of items to be laundered (bed linens, towels, clothing), and any specialized needs (e.g., infection control protocols). By understanding your laundry needs, you can make informed decisions when choosing the right commercial laundry equipment. H-M will help you analyze your needs and arrive at a solution that will provide you with the optimal mix of laundry machines.

For example, a large facility with a high volume of laundry might require a mix of large capacity and smaller capacity washers and dryers to handle varying size loads efficiently. On the other hand, a smaller facility may benefit from smaller capacity equipment. Factors that are considered include the amount and mix of laundry being handled, the number of shifts you operate and available space.

At H-M Company, we specialize in providing top-notch commercial laundry equipment tailored to meet your unique needs. With more than 65 years of industry experience, you can be assured we will use our knowledge to help you understand the intricacies of your laundry operation. Our goal is to help you select the equipment that will ensuring you will select the equipment that will provide you with the perfect blend of performance and efficiency.

Engage Laundry Room Staff for Valuable Insights and Feedback

Involve your laundry room staff when in the evaluation stage. They can provide valuable insights and feedback into your laundry needs and help you make an informed choice while taking into consideration the staff’s workflow.

Select Key Questions To Ask Staff:

  • How much time does it currently take to process a typical load of laundry?
  • What do you like about our current laundry equipment?
  • What are the drawbacks or limitations of the existing equipment?
  • What are the specific challenges or pain points you face in the current laundry operations?
  • What are the essential features or functions you are looking for in new laundry equipment?

With our high-quality commercial laundry equipment for Healthcare Facilities you will enjoy:

  • Increased Productivity – Our ultra-efficient industrial and commercial washers, dryers and finishing equipment will enable your laundry to launder linens quickly and effectively, saving time and reducing your operating costs.
  • Consistent Cleanliness – Our high-quality commercial laundry equipment is designed for optimal performance, providing clean linens that meet sanitation requirements with every load.
  • Reduce Operating Costs – With water- and energy-efficient cycles, upgrading your laundry equipment can help lower your utility bills, saving your facility money on overhead operating costs.
  • Extend Linen Life – With gentle yet effective cycles, our commercial laundry equipment helps your healthcare facility’s sheets, towels, and other linens last longer so you can save money on replacement costs. Moisture sensing technology minimize energy costs and prevent laundry from being “over dried” extending the life of costly linens.

Whether you’re building a new facility or retrofitting an existing healthcare laundry facility, H-M Company can help develop the right commercial laundry solution to deliver the utmost level of cleanliness and efficiency at the lowest possible cost. From consultation and design services to commercial laundry equipment sales, installation, and prompt repair service to minimize downtime, H-M Company is your trusted provider for healthcare laundry solutions.