Before You Buy Laundry Equipment for Fire Station, Read This

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Before You Buy Laundry Equipment for Fire Station, Read This

Fire stations bear a critical responsibility for upholding the cleanliness and protection of their firefighters. In fulfilling this duty, a reliable and cost-efficient commercial laundry system becomes imperative. In this post we will provide a list of things you should consider while purchasing laundry equipment for fire stations. So let’s start:

Here’s Why Fire Stations Need Specialized and Standard Commercial Laundry Equipment

Firefighters routinely encounter hazardous substances, resulting in potential contamination of their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and fallout gear. The proper handling and disposal of biohazardous materials are of critical importance to prevent any instances of cross-contamination.

To effectively address these hazardous concerns, the acquisition of specialized laundry equipment is paramount. This equipment enables fire stations to not only clean, but also decontaminate and disinfect PPE and fallout gear while ensuring the preservation of their protective properties. The utilization of such equipment significantly contributes to the safety of firefighters by mitigating on-the-job hazards. Complying with health and safety regulations further reinforces the creation of a secure working environment.

Additionally, fire stations require laundry equipment to maintain the cleanliness of everyday items like uniforms, linens, bedding, towels, tablecloths, dish cloths and workout clothes. Given the substantial volume of laundry generated within a fire station, it becomes imperative to possess equipment capable of handling such demanding workloads.

Let’s move on to the different types of commercial laundry equipment. Then, we’ll talk about how fire stations can choose the right equipment, as well as other key factors for effective laundry operations, such as training your crew and using a reliable supplier.

Types of Laundry Equipment for Fire Station for Cleaning Firefighter Turnout Gear, PPE and Everyday Items

There are a variety of commercial laundry equipment options available to fire stations. Some of the most common types of equipment include:

  • Washers: Commercial washers come in a variety of sizes and capacities, and they can be front-loading or top loading. Front-loading washers are typically more efficient than top-loading washers, but they can be more of an investment.
  • Dryers: Commercial dryers also come in a variety of sizes and capacities. They can be gas-powered or electric, and they can have a variety of features, such as moisture sensors that minimize utility costs and fire suppression systems.
  • Gear Extractor/Washer-Extractor: Firefighters’ turnout gear, including coats, pants, and hoods, should be cleaned using gear extractors or washer-extractors specifically designed to meet NFPA 1851. These machines are available in several capacities to meet the varying needs of fire departments large and small. The larger capacity units have higher extraction forces and customized cycles to remove contaminants effectively.
  • Drying Cabinet: After washing, PPE should be properly dried to maintain its effectiveness. Use of tumbler dryers results in premature degradation of PPE. Drying cabinets, also known as gear dryers or gear drying racks, provide controlled airflow and heat to facilitate rapid drying while preventing damage to the gear.

Clean and Presentable Firefighter Uniforms and Linens

Uniforms and linens must be clean and well-maintained to uphold professionalism. Uniforms that have been exposed to fire contaminants should be cleaned immediately at the fire station. Contaminated fire uniforms represent a potential health risk. Firefighters should not clean these at home.

High quality commercial equipment provide several different preprogrammed formulas suitable for different fabric types, such as delicate fabrics or flame-resistant materials, ensures optimal cleaning results. Maintaining a professional appearance boosts team morale and reflects positively on the department.

Size and Layout Considerations: Choosing Equipment that Fits the Space

Fire stations also need to consider the overall size and layout of their laundry room when choosing equipment. The machines should fit comfortably in the space and be easy to move around. It’s important to ensure there is enough clearance for proper ventilation and maintenance access. Additionally, considering the workflow and organization of the laundry room can help optimize efficiency.

Staff Training and Safety Measures: Knowledge is Power

Investing in the right laundry equipment is only part of the equation. You also need to provide proper training and support for your crew so that operations are safe and efficient. Fire station personnel should also receive guidance on the safe handling of laundry cleaning solutions and the implementation of safety protocols.

Here are some specific points to consider for training the crew:

  • Comprehensiveness: The training program should cover all aspects of laundry operations, including equipment operation, maintenance procedures, and safety protocols.
  • Understandable: The training program should be easy to understand for all, whether they have laundered items before or not.
  • Continuity: The training program should be ongoing to keep crew updated with the latest practices and technologies.
  • Technical support: Choose Laundry Equipment for Fire Station from a leading supplier, like H-M Company, that will offer technical support and troubleshooting assistance to address any issues that may arise during operation.

Make Routine Maintenance a Breeze

Proper maintenance and regular inspections are crucial for equipment safety and compliance. This allows you to identify and address any issues promptly. Consider equipment that is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible parts and clear instructions for routine checks and servicing.

Partner with a Commercial Laundry Equipment Supplier that Leads to Success

When selecting a supplier, consider their reputation and experience in serving fire stations. Look for product quality, reliability and a commitment to excellent service. A trusted supplier understands the unique laundry needs of fire stations and provides comprehensive guidance and tailored recommendations. A reliable supplier should also be able to offer ongoing support for maintenance and repairs.

At H-M Company, we understand the special needs of fire stations. That’s why we exclusively offer the industry’s top brands, proudly made in the U.S. Our commercial laundry equipment is built to provide you with reliable service for years to come. By choosing our durable and reliable equipment, you can enjoy a lower total cost of ownership compared to cheaper, lower quality models.

We are a family-owned business that has been serving thousands of customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia for 65+ years. We work with our customers to craft solutions that address their unique challenges. We are proud to be rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and to service hundreds of fire departments.

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