Milnor Extractor and Their Use for Fire Departments

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What’s the deal with milnor extractor? Here’s how your department can comply with NFPA 1851-202-0 edition to properly clean contaminated bunker gear:

    1. Turnout gear should be cleaned as soon as possible after exposure to fire, hazardous materials, or body fluids. It is advised that home or public laundries should not be used to avoid contaminating others who use the machines. Solution: Invest in Milnor Gear Guardian extractors that are designed specifically for the proper cleaning of firefighter turnout gear.
    2. Front loading washers with maximum water temperatures of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum G-force of 100 G’s should be utilized to prevent damage to the integrity of the turnout gear. The agitation that occurs in top load washers can impact the protective properties of the gear. Similarly, use of high G-force extractors or high-water temperatures can reduce the life of the gear and its protective properties. Solution: Milnor front loading gear is programmed to gently clean turnout gear to enhance the life and protective qualities of the garments. Programming allows for easy operation.
    3. A common question is what size Milnor extractor do I need? A general guideline is:
                1. 25-30 LB models-1 set
                2. 60 LB models-4 to 5 sets
                3. 80 LB models-6 to 7 sets
                4. 100 LB models-8 to 9 sets
                5. 140 LB models-11 to 13 sets
    4. What are recommendations for drying turnout gear? Answer: High heat and the tumbling associated with traditional dryers can reduce the protective qualities and wear life of turnout gear. Drying cabinets with directed hot airflow can have turnout gear ready for use in approximately one hour. These are available in different sizes that can handle up to six sets of gear.
    5. How do I determine what machines will best meet our needs and work in our station(s)? Answer: Contact H-M Company. We will visit with you to understand your laundering requirements and evaluate your facilities. Based on this, we will provide a proposal for reliable, easy to use machines that will safely clean your turnout gear in accordance with NFPA 1851. Call H-M Company at 800-365-1900 or email