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Since 1957, H-M Company has sold high quality coin laundry equipment to owners of apartments and other multi-unit housing.

We stock Huebsch washers and dryers available for immediate installation. We back this up with skilled technicians who are trained to service commercial-grade coin equipment. Our goal is to minimize downtime so tenants enjoy the convenience of the laundry room.

The apartment laundry machines and equipment we offer is made specifically for high usage settings. We furnish these same washers and dryers to laundromats. It’s durable and offers easy-to-understand controls your tenants will enjoy using.

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Equipment Sales and Agreements

Equipment Sales For the Do-It-Yourself Owners
You purchase the equipment. We install it and remove old equipment. Or save money by picking up the equipment at our Cincinnati warehouse. You keep all the revenue and are responsible for the cost of any repairs.

Rental Lease Agreement
We handle the service, you handle the cash! H‑M Company provides the laundry equipment and is responsible for all repairs and service. The owner collects the cash and pays H‑M Company a flat monthly fee.

Full-Service Lease Agreement
100% hands off, turn-key management. This eliminates the need for property owners to invest in laundry equipment. In short, this is how it works:

  • H-M Company leases space from the property owner that is designated for the apartment laundry equipment. We install new laundry equipment at your property at no cost to the property owner. H-M Company is responsible for repairs and service during the life of the lease. The property owner’s primary responsibility is to provide the utilities and space to operate the equipment.
  • H-M Company collects the cash and the property owner receives a monthly payment that is a percentage of the revenue generated by the laundry equipment.

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Multi-Unit Housing apartment laundry machines

Electronic Payment Systems

We offer multiple app based payment systems to your new apartment laundry machines and laundromat equipment that allow your tenants to pay for use with their smart phones. Essentially, the process involves the installation of a system that will allow the smart phone to connect with the app. You will set up an account with the app and your tenants will load money on their phones to use the equipment. A QR code is applied to the equipment and the tenant scans this to activate the equipment. To activate the equipment, the tenant scans the QR code. Money is electronically transferred from their account to your account (subject to a merchant fee). You have the money sent to your bank account via ACH. The technology is changing rapidly so we urge you to contact us for up-to-date information.

Card readers can be installed on all your new commercial laundry equipment. This will allow tenants to pay for their laundry using a “laundry card.” You will provide Laundry Cards to tenants, which they can load money onto with credit or debit cards, using the card readers on the washers and dryers. This can eliminate the need for quarters, which makes it more convenient for tenants to do laundry.

H-M Company features a card payment system from CCI. You can have the choice of having tenants pay with Laundry Cards or providing the option to pay for each load of laundry with a credit or debit card. The latter option involves a larger investment in equipment, ongoing communication costs and significantly higher merchant fees than when tenants use the Laundry Card. Each situation is different. Please contact us so we can evaluate your property and provide you with options best suited for you.

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Multi-Unit Housing apartment laundry machines

Service, Parts and Repairs

We support multi-unit housing customers by providing a highly trained team of technicians who quickly respond when equipment needs maintenance or repairs. Backed by our warehouse’s extensive inventory, our fleet of service vans are well stocked with quality parts. Thanks to our quick and reliable service, your tenants can continue enjoying the convenience of your commercial laundry room with minimal disruption.

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Multi-Unit Housing apartment laundry machines
Multi-Unit Housing apartment laundry machines

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Multi-Unit Housing apartment laundry machines