How Animal Care Facilities Benefit From Commercial Laundry Facilities

H-M Company provides laundry equipment services to numerous animal care organizations. These include animal shelters veterinarians, pet resorts and equestrian care facilities. Many previously used residential washers and dryers and upgraded to commercial laundry equipment. The benefits of using commercial washers and dryers are numerous including:

  • Increased Productivity The larger capacity of commercial equipment translates into fewer loads of laundry to be processed. Also, commercial washers have a high “G force” during the extract (spin) cycle. This removes more water that results in less time in the dryer, which saves time and energy. The larger capacity and greater efficiency helps prevent the laundry room from being an operational bottleneck.
  • Durability and Reliability Commercial laundry equipment is built to meet the demands of heavy usage. The equipment we offer to our animal care customers is also used by other institutional customers such as hotels, nursing homes and prisons. In these settings, it’s not unusual for the equipment to be run two or three shifts seven days a week. Commercial grade equipment will last many times longer than residential equipment and is less prone to break down.
  • Programming Commercial laundry equipment provides a wide arrange of programming options to address the variety of laundry you are dealing with at your operation. This includes the ability to have scores of different formulas available to provide the clean laundry while maximizing the longevity of your linens.
  • Water Savings Water is often the largest expense after labor in running a laundry operation. Commercial washers use a fraction of the water used by a residential washer. As an example, a typical top load residential washer that is designed for up to 16 pounds of laundry will use approximately 28 gallons of water. By contrast, our best selling 40 selling washer designed for 40 pounds of laundry uses approximately 34 gallons of water.
  • Service After the Sale H-M provides customers with the largest group of trained technicians in the region. Backed up by a deep inventory of parts, H-M laundry company promptly responds when your equipment needs repair. his translates into a better experience for your customers and reduces costs associated with equipment being out of order.

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