Commercial Laundry Equipment | The Best Machines for On-Premise Laundry

Commercial Laundry Equipment for On-Premise Laundry

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Commercial Laundry Equipment | The Best Machines for On-Premise Laundry commercial laundry equipment

Chicago® Units – Equipment Specifications (Downloadable PDFs)

Chicago® Genesis Automatic Towel Machine

The future of laundry technology will be available in early 2022. Chicago’s Genesis Automatic Towel Machine uses A.I. deep learning and vision technology to automatically pick and feed towels of multiple sizes into a sorting towel folder. Genesis automatically picks up a towel, correctly orients and centers it, then accurately feeds it into a towel folder such as Air Chicago Quattro. From there, Quattro folds and sorts the towels into neat bundles for a hands-free finished product. For healthcare facilities with smaller towels, the Genesis Care provides the same smart technology in a smaller footprint with faster processing speeds.

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Clean Cycle Systems Lint Filters – Equipment Specifications (Downloadable PDFs)

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Energenics Duct Mounted Utility Free Lint Filters – Equipment Specifications (Downloadable PDFs)

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Drain Troughs and Lint Interceptors

H-M Company has been manufacturing drain troughs and lint interceptors since 1992. Available in standard or custom sizes, H-M Company services coin, industrial and on-premise laundries throughout North America and around the world.

H-M products are produced from chemical-resistant materials designed for longevity and durability, using the highest quality materials along with skilled American craftsmanship.

Service, Parts, and Repairs for Commerical Laundry Equipment

H-M provides support for OPL customers by offering a dedicated team of technicians who promptly respond when commercial laundry equipment needs maintenance or repairs. Our fleet of vans is well stocked with parts, which are supported by a large inventory at our warehouse. We have everything you need to keep your operation running efficiently with minimal downtime.

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Commercial Laundry Equipment | The Best Machines for On-Premise Laundry commercial laundry equipment