The Laundry Solution You Need: On Premise Laundry with the Best Commercial Equipment for Your Fitness or Sports Club

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The Laundry Solution You Need: On Premise Laundry with the Best Commercial Equipment for Your Fitness or Sports Club

In the demanding world of high-volume health and wellness, there’s one subtle yet transformative element that holds the potential to enhance your fitness or sports members’ club experience – the humble gym towel. From wiping off sweat to drying off after a refreshing shower, towels are integral to the customer experience.

Scratchy or fluffy? Looking worn and bedraggled or fresh and new? Towels used in sports and fitness clubs bear the brunt of intense activity. Let’s talk specifics about why fitness and sports clubs should pay attention to the towels they give to their members, and how the commercial laundry equipment can drive client satisfaction – or dissatisfaction – in your facility.

At the forefront of cleanliness, commercial laundry equipment embrace innovative washing technologies that ensure the highest level of cleanliness while enabling the laundry to operate efficiently, minimizing the use of energy, water and time. The Milnor extractors available from H-M Company feature RinSave technology designed to reduce water consumption by .4 gallons per pound of laundry and reduce the cycle time by ten minutes per load. This can significantly reduce water costs and allow you to shorten the time it takes to turn soiled goods into clean towels your members will enjoy. Additionally, the high extract capabilities in Milnor washers means less time needed in the dryer-saving energy costs and time!

Why Fitness and Sports Clubs Choose Commercial-Grade Laundry Equipment

With a constant flow of towels to be washed, high-quality commercial laundry equipment is an investment that pays off by significantly increasing efficiency, maintains cleanliness standards, and meets the demands of a high volume of laundry.

Simply put, it pays to invest in high quality laundry equipment that will benefit your operation for many years. You will realize:

  • Greater Efficiency: Optimal size equipment based on the needs of your laundry will result in less time needed for each load of laundry. The right commercial laundry equipment will reduce your utility expenses while requiring less time from your staff. H=M Company provides the knowledge to help determine what will provide the best ROI based on the volume of goods being laundered.
  • Built to Last: Durability and Performance. Unyielding in the face of heavy and consistent usage, quality commercial laundry equipment boasts enduring construction and superior components. This robustness ensures sustained performance and longevity, even during non-stop operation. This resilience is paramount when dealing with a high laundry demand, guaranteeing the equipment seamlessly keeps pace.
  • Elevated Agility: Shorter Cycle Times. Empowered by potent motors and cutting-edge features, commercial machines slash wash and dry cycle times. A crucial advantage when handling a multitude of towels, accelerated cycles translate to swift turnover and a ready supply of immaculate towels for eager members.
  • Eco-Conscious Powerhouses: Water and Energy Efficiency. Despite their substantial size, many commercial laundry machines are champions of energy and water efficiency. A harmonious blend of capacity and sustainability reduces operational costs while delivering unparalleled cleaning efficacy.
  • Tailored Perfection: Program Customization. Empowering customization, numerous commercial machines offer an array of programmable options. Craft wash and dry cycles to specific demands, ensuring a tailor-made laundering process for different towel types and varying levels of soiling. Additionally, Huebsch dryers are available with a moisture sensing feature. Rather than programming the dryer to run for a specific period, the moisture sensing technology ends the drying process based on the moisture content of the processed goods. This prevents over drying which saves energy and increases the life of the towels.
  • Streamlined Operations: Reduced Labor Intensity. Embracing automation, commercial laundry equipment simplifies complex laundry processes. Automated detergent dispensing, water level adjustments, and cycle parameter settings curtail the need for continuous supervision, liberating staff for more pressing tasks.

More tips for supplying towels to club members:

  • Use high-quality towels that are absorbent and soft.
  • Have different sized towels available so members have what they need, but without waste.
  • Provide a convenient way for members to return dirty towels.
  • Dispose of any worn-out, tattered or permanently stained towels or repurpose them by cutting them up into cleaning rags.
  • To manage inventory effectively and nurture a sense of responsibility, you may want to consider implementing “deposit holds” with membership cards until towels are returned.
  • Offering towel rentals may be a way to supply what members need and be an additional form of revenue.
  • Advertise your rigorous towel laundering practices, instilling confidence among members.

Safeguarding Your Investment: Comprehensive Support

We understand that investing in commercial laundry equipment is a strategic decision. That’s why our commitment doesn’t end with equipment delivery. We offer unwavering support at H-M Company for OPL (on premise laundry) customers and boast a dedicated team of technicians poised to respond promptly when your laundry equipment requires maintenance or repairs.

Our fleet of vans is meticulously stocked with parts, complemented by a substantial inventory at our warehouse. Rest assured, every tool is at your disposal to ensure your operations run seamlessly, minimizing downtime.

The Bottom Line

So what commercial equipment is right for you? There is no one-size-fts-all solution. The selection of equipment is just as varied as the selection of residential washers and dryers.

So, here’s what we do here at H-M Company. By partnering closely with you, we gain insights into your specific needs, allowing us to tailor the ideal mix of equipment for your laundry operations.

We’re here to provide practical solutions that drive your success. No unnecessary frills – we don’t recommend models with all the bells and whistles if other equipment fits your needs. We also aim to optimize your resources and suggest repairs instead of new equipment when it makes economic sense.

As we covered, providing clean towels to your fitness and sports club members is important for everyone’s health and safety. On premise laundry using the right commercial laundry equipment can help to clean towels efficiently and reduce costs.

Contact H-M Company today for your commercial laundry solutions!