University of Dayton Laundry Relies on HM Laundry

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University of Dayton Laundry Relies on HM Laundry

University of Dayton Laundry Relies on HM Laundry

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Just during a normal football season, we’ll run anywhere between 10 and 11,000 loads. These machines get used a lot. 15 to 118 football players out here and another 20 staff that every day turn their stuff in and having things being operational when you’re doing 10,000 loads in a four month span is key.

The cost came into effect, but when you look at just the daily operation that we could take pretty much both of these 35 pound machines and you can put almost all of it in the big 60 pounds, so almost double the amount of laundry that you’re getting done at once.

Upgrading to the 60 pound Milnor that has a stain soak cycle. You can tweak it a little bit more too, with your soap company, to make your washing cycle maybe a little longer and shorten your rinsing cycle, depending on what type of product you’re putting in there, which will give you a little better wash. We also put in Milnor products in our other facility and it was what they suggested.

And after having these two machines here, we were satisfied with the quality and service and continued with them. I can call down there… And I’ve been around these machines long enough to know that a certain sound happens, that I’m going to have a problem. I can call them up, tell him that I think it’s a belt or timer. They’ll have it up here, if not that day, the next day. It’s a local company. They can be here in under an hour.

Product that they’ve sold us, being the Milnor products, have been wonderful. They’re quality goods and the service that we’ve gotten above what you would need. Nice people and good work. After the sale, it still is a family-owned company. They try to do a quality service with quality items. They take pride in their work and family’s going to take pride in their work. It’s important to me.

And being an older guy, it’s something that I don’t know. You see a lot nowadays with corporate things and ordering things online and that type of stuff. People have been genuine. Our work has been good. Product has been quality. There’s never really been a reason to change. We’ve been more than satisfied and we pass that information onto others. I also had them put those same machines in downtown.

I would say, me, when it comes to these commercial washers and dryers, I would be a Milnor and a H-M person.