Why Milnor Laundry Equipment Has a Longer Life

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Why Milnor Laundry Equipment Has a Longer Life

Three Milnor Dryers | Commercial laundry equipment

Milnor machines are designed to last not just years, but decades. All of Milnor’s washer-extractor designs must pass an L-10 stress/fatigue test before being offered for sale and set into production.

The criteria is to place a 20% out-of-balance weight to the basket and run it at the highest extraction rate for the model for a minimum of 1,000 hours (we usually run the test longer than the requirement). The engineering calculation for the L-10 test equates to a machine life of at least 20 years of use, based on a normal 8-hour day of proper use with factory-recommended preventative maintenance.

No wonder so many Milnor washer-extractors in the field are decades old and still doing their job. Just another sustainable feature from Milnor commercial laundry equipment …long-life!

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